World Of Warcraft – The Nine Professions

In the World of Warcraft, gold is the currency that is used to buy and sell things that you require to indulge in various activities and develop your character. So you have to take up some occupation to earn gold in this multi-player online game, as you do in the real life to earn money. You have got a choice of getting into either of the nine professions available in WOW. Before deciding to choose a profession, let us have a look at a brief outline of all the nine professions. You can also get to know more of these professions in the official website of World of Craft. There are also other necessary information about them that you will know.

Miner – These are the guys who do mining, digging up new lands raw material that they provide to guys from other professions. This is a rather tough occupation, in which one has to face a lot of dangers in search of raw material. The miners look for gold, ore, bars, stones and other trinkets for their own use and to sell to others. Blacksmiths, jewel crafters and engineers rely on miners for the supply of raw material. The key to success in the profession of mining is to know the demand and look for that material rather than wasting your precious time and energy on something that is not in demand. That you ensures that you get good price of your material.


As the name suggests, in this profession you collects herbs. These herbs are supplied to alchemists. As with mining, you need to know what herbs are in demand by the alchemists. With practice, you know the places where there is good supply of herbs and flowers and thus your business thrives subsequently.

Skinner – In this occupation, you hunt animals and sell their skin. Leather workers are the people who buy that skin from you.


In this profession, you make and sell weapons like guns, bombs, bullets, scopes and their components. This is one of the sophisticated professions and a difficult on before you reach high levels.

Jewel Crafting

This profession, as the name suggests, is a delicate crafting job. From raw material of gems and precious stones, you make beautiful jewels and ornaments. You sell the items created by you in auction houses and can get good price for them.


The people in this profession make armors and weapons from the raw material that they get from the miners. You need to get good quality raw material to make high quality products. This is a highly respectable profession and also very rewarding.


This profession involves making wonderful potions, a small bottle of which let a person gain breath underwater, boost strength and stamina and do other amazing things. These potions are made from plants, flowers and herbs supplied by an herbalist.

Leather work

In this profession, you make leather goods like light weight armors, leather outfits, items for disenchanting etc. The raw material is skin, which is supplied by skinners.


The people in this profession make clothes, bags, spell thread and other disenchantable items. Their products are in high demand and some of them have magic quality.

All these professions have their own charm and excitement and you can choose the one of your liking.


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