Why Should You Use Timeline Generator?

Timelines are useful tools in business and education. A timeline is nothing but a linear representation of events occurred or planned, using charts and other graphical elements. Timelines are a preferred tool in lectures and official presentations, because they convey complicated messages in a lucid manner. They are easier to understand and follow for the audience. If you want to use timelines in your presentation, you can make use of various online timeline generators. There are viable options for a timeline generator free for download and use.

Few timeline creators include Lucidchart, TimeGlider, WhenInTime, Sutori among many others available on the internet.

Why should you use a Timeline Generator?

Below points illustrate why it is useful to use a timeline generator for your presentation.

  1. It saves time

Because it eliminates the need for you to manually design a timeline from scratch, a timeline generator is time-saving. A timeline maker in general has various features ready to be used to illustrate your message. All you need to do is make use of the elements and features available with a timeline generator to prepare your comprehensive timeline for presentation.

  1. A timeline generator has many elements

Any timeline generator comes with various features and components that can be used to draw your timeline. There can be shapes or templates or other graphical elements that would find good use in a timeline. Overall, it simplifies the process of a timeline design.

  1. It has integration features

Most timeline generators available nowadays can be used to create shareable timelines. That is, you can import the timeline and save it as a PDF or PNG, email it, or even link it to your social media handles.

  1. It helps create professional-looking timelines

Using features of a timeline generator effectively, you can create professional and sophisticated timelines.


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