What A Tank Is In The World Of Massive Mulitplayer Online Games

When you hear the word “Tank” the first thing that comes to mind is usually a heavily armored vehicle capable of both taking a lot of punishment and dealing a lot of damage. Some astute people will also attribute the “Tank” with protecting the small humans that are operating the machine inside of it. In the realm of MMO’s, this idea is not entirely wrong either but it certainly does not complete the story and if you jump into an MMO thinking a “Tank” class will be able to stomp over everything and protect your party members just by being there you will be in store for not only a lot of group wipe’s but some choice words from your main healer. You should check out Situs Judi Bola Online before you get into the world of online gaming. You get tips that you can use to improve your gameplay as well.

Some key concepts about a real Tank class includes having High Hit points to withstand the burst damage you will be taking when first engaging the enemy; High Armor or High Evasion to mitigate that first burst of damage and reduce the overall healing load placed on your group’s main healer and most importantly having an ability that causes whatever you target to immediately hate you and solely target you instead of someone else in your group.

When you play a Tank your responsibilities are split into two timeframes, before a fight and during a fight.

Before a fight:

Your job before a fight is to decide what group of enemies your team will take on next, and once you have picked out the group to engage you now have to pick the spot to fight them at. Will you bring the enemies back to your group? Will you run into the enemies and have your group follow you? These questions may seem trivial but you must realize that location matters, what if you choose to fight the enemies where they currently are, charge in and then suddenly you see another group of enemies patrolling right behind that group. That patrol is going to see you and now you have two groups of enemies versus your one group of players and it is all your fault.

After the enemy has been selected, the type of pull has been determined it is now time for strategy. Which enemy should die first? Should any enemies be targeted by special abilities of your group? If there is a character who can put enemies to sleep you will want to make sure the Hunter on your team is not shooting the sleeping enemy because he will not only wake up but the enemy is going to march straight over to the guy who put him to sleep and make him regret ever grouping with you. If the game allows marking the enemies with special symbols, make sure you do it, make sure everyone knows what symbol means what and make sure you do it quickly. Everyone loves a Tank who is orderly and clearly marks targets but no-one has patience for a Tank who takes more time setting up a fight then actually fighting, with the exception of a boss fight.

Last, you need to make sure everyone in the group is ready to fight; the worst thing a Tank can do is pull an enemy group while the main healer went afk to get a drink, you can be sure he will not be happy when he comes back and sees his corpse laying on the ground.

During a fight:

After you successfully engage an enemy group it is not happy fun time nor is it time to just turn on auto-attack and alt-tab out, both will lead to your group dieing and you getting stuck with the repair bills. The primary function of the Tank is to make sure that every single enemy is either fighting you or effectively out of combat by either being put to sleep, feared or mesmerized. If you see an enemy break off from you and start charging the main healer, you need to Taunt it and quickly. Then you need to reposition the enemies back into the correct area you marked earlier. Letting enemies get away from you and hit your group members is the quickest way to build a “bad tank gg” reputation and you do not want that.

The most important advice I can give is: Keep the enemies on you and everyone in your group will praise your name.



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