Top Facts To Know While Buying Recreational Weed

Weed is used as a medical drug since it is known for solving many ailments, inclusive of anxiety, panic attacks, joint pain etc. But when it is used as a recreational drug, it is smoked just for fun as it gives the body an intoxicating effect, colloquially termed as a “high”. Marijuana or weed or ganja is one of the most popular recreational drugs of today’s time. But scoring good weed is never so simple. However you can get access now to weed online easily and at an affordable rate too.

Here are some top facts to know while buying recreational weed:

  • Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrids:

The strain should be your primary focus when buying recreational marijuana as that decides the type of high you are going to get. Found and grown in countries such as India, Afghanistan, Indica is known to give you relaxed vibe which calms your nerves and helps soothe your anxiety. On the other hand, Sativa found in western countries pumps up your energy levels and ready you for an electrifying night of fun and frolic. However, most of the strains we find these days are hybrid due to cross-breeding. If you want to purchase any specific strain preliminary research is very important.

  • Smell:

If you are spending money on weed you obviously want to purchase quality substance and not spiked material. The best way to discern the quality of weed is via its smell. Buds are supposed to give off an earthy smell. If you smell ammonia or any other chemical, chances are that the weed you are purchasing is laden in chemicals.

  • Looks:

The look of your strain should be a decisive factor when buying marijuana. The appearance of the substance will help you detect the freshness and quality of the drug. There are various types of weed available so the color of your strain will be dependent on the type of weed you are after. Usually the colors vary from dark green, light green, red, orange and purple.



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