Tips To Follow In Enhancing Your Dating Life

It is essential to have a great first impression on your personal and professional life. The body language is vital for making a first impression and connection. But, it is usually ignored on oral expression. The non-verbal expression is essential as verbal contact as any relationship. Also, we can’t overlook some physical features. Like dressing sense, odor including hygiene of the person. Those three aspects are the first few things you will experience. Based on our sensory, it helps us form opinions about things and people. So our smell, touch, and body language create a lot of difference in someone’s perception of you.

Use An Excellent Outfit

To make your self being presentable on a date. Use an outfit that will give your partner an impression. For example, you wear an outfit like an actor, it will leave a good impression on your partner. However, you must wear an outfit that is expressing your characteristics. So that he/she will notice what kind of person you are. Furthermore, your partner will be not afraid of asking for some personal questions. Having an attractive outfit can give you an additional feature for your partner.

Be Comfortable Of Meeting The Person

How do you feel about meeting a possible new date partner? Probably you feel a little awkward. Of course, you don’t know what characteristics does he/she have. But you must be comfortable to be to throw a word. So that you can start a conversation. Also, being comfortable makes you express your self well. Furthermore, creating a conversation with your partner, always remember that do throw many questions and don’t be rude. Make sure that you listen carefully. So that you can have a good conversation


Having a partner can give you a feeling of excitement and inspiration. In your happy new month, make a special treat for your partner. So, your partner will love you more and content.


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Dawn Malicdem is a graduate of AB Communication Arts in De La Salle University. She is a media enthusiast, journalist and a photographer. She also plays golf during her free time.