Thin Hair Extensions – Choosing The Best Ones

Hair extensions come in different texture, thickness, style, length, color and even quality. And these types all depend on the type of your natural hair. If you have fine and thin hair and you want to use hair extensions to transform your hair into a new one that you rather prefer, there are some hair extensions that are designed for the type of hair that you have. Hence, to help you know and understand them, here are the best hair extensions for find and thin hair.


One of the best and most appropriate hair extensions for people or for women with thin hair is the clip-in extension. This type of extensions require sufficient quantity of hair to be connected to, which is suitable for thin hair and often requires to be back combed since they are quite heavy. Hence, thin hair won’t certainly give durable and sufficient strands to connect on to the clips. Another good thing about this extension type is that it can be removed everyday. It is not advisable to sleep with clip-in extension.


Weaves are another type of hair extensions that are best for thin haired people. Generally, weaves utilize the procedure of weaving in the extensions of the hair in the structure of wefts on rows. Hence, there will be a need to become a good amount of hair sufficient and put in the right place for the fresh extensions to attach to, hence it makes it more difficult for those with more delicate looks.

Micro Ring Extensions

This type of extensions is one of the most popular one on fort Lauderdale hair extensions services and models. It is attached to the hair through small metal rings. It may not be recommended by some experts but if you have thin hair, definitely micro ring extensions are good for you.


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