The Unpopular Opinion On Indiana Football’s Future

College football in the USA

College football is a sub-culture on its own in the USA. College kids, professionals, sports enthusiasts and many others keep their eye on college football games and teams for many reasons. Some even go as far as bet online on college football games through portals such as bandarq. One prominent reason why college football is so important is that it opens up opportunities for careers in professional American football.

One particular college football team everyone has their eye on is the silent heroes of Indiana University football team. And what better time to discuss Indiana football team and its possible future in college football than during Indiana week?

Indiana football’s atrocious football history

At this point, it may not be apparent that Indiana University football will possibly be a powerhouse on the college football field anytime in the near future. If we are to follow their current playing trend, the chances of coming out of the hole they’re currently in is quite bleak.

It was only a few years back when Indiana posted some of the worst winning rates in college football history, winning only 1 game in a season. Last year they fniished 2-7 in the conference. Historical statistics are just against their odds.

Gleam of hope for Indiana football

However, there have been recent changes and events surrounding Indiana football team’s gameplay and matches that may indicate a possible turn around and eventual success in the conference. As of writing, Indiana football team is currently at 5-7 standing and is the 6th best in Big Ten. Coming from a 2-7 conference last season and an embarrassing 1 game-won season a few years back, this is a big leap for the team.

More and more sports analysts have been predicting Indiana football team possibly winning more games in the future, given how unstable future competition is currently looking right now, with Western Kentucky’s Ball State replacement and Cincinnati’s scheduling woes.

They may not come out of the top, but Indiana football has shown some significant improvement and possibly may be on the road to be one of the powerhouse teams in the following seasons.


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