The Job Of Physiotherapy Assistant And How To Become A One

Physiotherapy Assistants are the professionals who work under licensed professional physiotherapists. As the name of the designation says, their job is to assist the physiotherapist in extending physiotherapy care and treatment.

Here is a brief on the job responsibilities of a physiotherapy assistant.

  • Educate patient and/or his family about the treatment as well as support them in their physical, self-care and emotional care needs
  • Offer timely information to physiotherapist about the performance of the patient
  • Participate in planning the treatment program
  • Implement treatment in patients as per the directions of physiotherapist
  • Assist patients with safe mobility, movements, transfers and so on, especially while working under a back pain specialist
  • Help patient in his  individual perceptual physical and cognitive programs
  • Assist physiotherapist in conducting and executing necessary exercise programs or group activities for patients
  • Monitor patient performance closely as well as report the changes spotted to the physiotherapist
  • Order prescribed adaptive or assistive equipment as per the directions of physiotherapist
  • Play a major role in maintenance of equipment inventories of a physiotherapy treatment clinic

How to become a Physiotherapy Assistant?

If you seek to be a certified Physiotherapy Assistant, you should complete at least one of these following programs:

  • Certificate program in Physiotherapy Assistance
  • Diploma program in Physiotherapy Assistance
  • Therapist Assistant Program
  • Rehabilitation Assistant Program
  • Rehab Therapy Assistant Program
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

Additionally, you must achieve these following certificates:

  • CPR Certificate
  • First-Aid Certificate

Other skills required

  • Good communication skills as you will be in constant communication with patients and their family members
  • Critical thinking abilities since you will have to assist physiotherapists in planning treatment programs for patients
  • Collaborative skills as you will have to coordinate with your physiotherapist on a constant basis

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