Most Popular Disney Princess Costumes For Adults

Unlike what most think, Halloween is not just for children roaming around trick-or-treating in fun costumes. This fun holiday is also celebrated by most adults as it offers them an opportunity to dress up, have fun and forget all about the mundane adult problems that life brings. Halloween brings out the child in everyone, much like during Christmas, but in a different way.

Most workplaces, bars and schools celebrate Halloween through a party, where attendees would come dressed in fun costumes. Most of the time, there will be a contest for the best adult Halloween costume for the night, which is why most people take the costume-in-Halloween parties very seriously.

For the ladies, on the most common choice is dressing up as their favorite Disney princess. This not only makes them look and feel pretty, it also gives them an opportunity to live the dreams they had as a child, to be a princess. Here are some of the most popular Disney Princess costumes for adults.


Arguably the most common Disney princess costume ladies choose. Nothing says elegant than the ball gown Cinderella wore during the Prince’s ball. Couple that with the iconic glass slippers and you’ll surely be the eye candy of the Halloween party. Just make sure you change into normal clothes before midnight strikes.


Another fan favorite among the Disney princess roster. Belle’s signature yellow dress is a famous choice for ladies whenever Disney princess Halloween costume is on the table. Additional points if a lady in Belle costume comes in with a gentleman donning a beast Halloween costume.


The most popular modern Disney princess, Elsa is a common choice for adults who still has not moved on from the Frozen phase. Works great in ladies with long blond hair, but wearing a wig is also acceptable. Singing the LSS-inducing “Let it go” will complete the portrayal of this strong but lovely Disney princess.


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