Logitech Harmony Remote in Nutshell

This is the age of technology and automation is a key addition to it. Remote control is not a new idea. However, the wave o technological evolution didn’t spare remote control and ended up upgrading it to a supreme level. Logitech Harmony is a well known remote control which is one of the series of Myharmony manufactured by Logitech. The line of products is used for universal remote control starting from home theatre system including DVD players, set-top boxes, video-game consoles and those devices as well, which are controlled by infrared, IoT and smart home products.

Till November 2019, Logitech has sold a huge number of products, the variation of which includes:

  • Harmony 650: This is a harmony remote that includes a coloured display screen and operated with multiple functions up to eight devices.
  • Harmony express: It helps Alexa to navigate with a small distinct remote. The voice-activation search is the USP of this product.
  • Harmony hub: This is not a remote, but a hub to control the Bluetooth devices, the IR and the several smart home devices. By certain apps and smartphone devices, this hub can be controlled.
  • Harmony smart control: Harmony smart control is basically a remote control that has three activity buttons and used for 6 different activities on up to eight devices.
  • Harmony Companion: Formerly known as harmony Home Control, it is a simple remote which is enabled with automated controls. It doesn’t have the display screen but can be purchased with Harmony Home Hub.
  • Harmony touch: Full colour display with touch functionality is its key feature. It supports 15 devices and multiple activities. It can be added to harmony Hub as well.
  • Harmony Elite: This is the top range of Harmony which is featured with physical buttons for home automation control.
  • Harmony Pro: It is the only product of Harmony that has Ethernet port hub along with the power-over Ethernet support. The Elite remote is used for it by the professional installers.




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