Important Notes You Must Know About Shared Hosting Today

Learn about shared hosting and see if this is the best method of web hosting for you and your business. Get the most out of web hosting while spending the least amount of money. If you want to establish a private gaming server, for instance, visit Fatality Servers for affordable servers with cool custom server add-ons.

Many businesses are making their presence today online. Perhaps you are one of those businesses that want to do it. If you look at dedicated servers and their prices, you might be discouraged at how much you would have to pay to make your business available online to a wide range of customers. Perhaps you do not own a business, but would like to make a personal web page. If that is true, you are probably even more discouraged at paying hundreds of dollars for dedicated hosting. Fortunately, there is a solution that is even cheaper. It is called shared hosting.

Shared hosting delivers the capability to have cheap hosting as an alternative to dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting, you get an entire server to yourself and it can be expensive. However, shared hosting can be defined by its name. It is a certain amount of allocated space on a server that allows you to have your website hosted in the same server as other websites are hosted. Many websites, especially those of low budget businesses, use this type of hosting. There is nothing really wrong with shared hosting and it can be very beneficial for you, saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

There are different types of shared hosting. Mainly, there are two types. One is called name-based shared hosting. This is when all of the websites on one host share one IP address. The only thing that is different is the domain name that you use. The web hosting software defines a specific folder to be used with the domain name you choose, and when users request your domain, they will land in your folder. The only problem you will have is with users using really old browsers that request the IP instead of the domain name. This is not likely to happen to you, but the possibility is always present. There is another type of shared hosting called IP-based shared hosting. This allocates one IP per website, and can be a little more expensive. For the record, IP-based hosting is not absolutely necessary, but if you want to be sure all your clients land on your folder when they write your domain name, you should invest in it.

As your budget grows, you may eventually one day want to invest in dedicated hosting since it gives you full control over your resources. But for now, shared hosting can be a very beneficial service, and can give time for your website to grow in popularity.


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