How To Turn Seashells Into Stunning Jewelry

Jewelry made of seashells is in vogue again. Fashion designers around the world admire the elegance of seashells. Summer is also a fitting season to wear seashells, and they evoke the marine world. And some people are fond off collecting these gems. They range from small to large pieces of jewelry, and they look good. You can wear them with a bathing suit or casual clothes. They also look great when paired with gemstones. Whatever season or style, seashells always have a part in dressing accessories.

Are you wondering what are seashells made of that gives them that durability? It’s calcium carbonate combined with other minerals. Thus, this gives them that sturdy material suited for jewelry making. The conch seashell beads are the most popular accessory. The white color makes them elegant, and they can go with any dress color. And how do you make them into jewelry?


You need the following: Hand drill, seashells, maker pen, nylon thread, gems(optional). You also need a table where you need to work on the creation process. The table should be free from clutter. A well-lighted place is ideal.


Mark the places of the shells you need to drill holes in. Use a marker pen and a hand drill to do this. Rotate it clockwise, and turn it counter-clockwise to pull the tip back. When all seashells have been drilled, start connecting them all using a nylon thread. You can use other gemstones as an ornament. But this is optional. Tie the ends of the thread. And now you have a beautiful conch shell necklace. Apply the same procedure on bracelets.


You can show off your creations on events. If you are too lazy to make them, don’t worry. You can always buy them in jewelry shops and beach shops. Have fun with your seashell jewelry.


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