How To Introduce And Teach The Game Of Poker To Clueless Friends

The popularity of poker continues to rise. Recent legislation in the United States though made online play for money a thing of the past. As a result of this legislation, many people are interested in hosting home games for their friends, but not sure where to start. Many people that have friends who are serious about the game have little trouble starting a home game. Yet, starting a home game for friends that like the game and want to play, but are not serious players can be harder than you think. You should check out bandar ceme online if you want to learn about poker. It is really important that before to start your online poker career, you know all about the game. You can easily master the game of poker with a little online practice.


One of the first things you should do is set reasonable limits. If this is a social game, the whole idea of the game isn’t to win a lot of money, but to have fun with your friends while playing poker. I have found that sometimes it’s a good idea to set two types of limits. One involves the amount of money people bring. If everyone brings the same amount it will eliminate the problem some games have where people with more money than their friends try to “bully the table”, or bet big to drive out their opponents while knowing if they lose the hand they still have plenty of money to buy more chips. In a truly social game my suggestion would be limiting the amount to $20-40 per person for the night. Also I suggest making a limit for the highest bet in each better round, in games I’ve attended I’ve found a $2-3 limit is a good guideline.


The next item to consider is the type of games you will play. Some might assume that the game should be kept as simple and straight forward with just a couple varieties for new poker groups. I’ve actually found that isn’t necessarily true. In a social game people tend to enjoy games with different ways to have wild cards, and learning new games from their opponents. Keeping just enough luck in the game makes the game less serious and more social. Another piece of advice is to build off the games that you play and create your own home versions. One final suggestion as far as the type of game goes, is to have frequent split pot games. This keeps more people in the hand. In a social game it’s never fun to have to fold over and over again, with split pot games you have a higher likelihood of having a chance of at least half the pot.


Finally, keep the atmosphere of the game light. If this is truly a group of friends that enjoy playing poker and just want a social outlet to play and enjoy each other’s company the last thing you want to do is have the game become cut throat. Take a break in the middle of the evening to order food. Or maybe even to add to the social experience have everyone bring a six pack of their favorite beer and then give each of the other players one beer from their six pack. This way everyone ends up trying six different types of beers. To help with the social feeling of the group, if you notice one or two players are low on funds quickly during the evening, don’t be too quick to raise the betting. Don’t put them in a position where they might be forced out of the game early in the evening. Remember, first and foremost it’s a social activity with your friends, the poker game is just the canvas for the evening.


Poker can be a great way to get your friends together and socialize. Many times with my group of friends the card game becomes secondary and the conversations and comraderie among the group is more important. If you wish to have a night with more serious play, make that decision ahead of time and let everyone know so they can decide if they want to play in that type of game. Otherwise, keep it light and social and you will find you will have no problem forming a regular social game for your group of friends.


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