How To Build Up Endurance And Stamina During Soccer

Soccer is a rough and tiresome sport as it involves running and kicking a ball, dodging others to get to you and making sure you outrun all of them as you make that goal. Endurance and stamina are two important factors in soccer since the body relies on how much energy it has and still has left to keep going.

As tiresome as soccer is, one can still be able to build up enough stamina to last throughout the whole game. There’s no need for medication. All you need to do are these three things below:

Interval Training

Train your body to shift through situations fast. This includes jogging, to pacing, then sprinting and then standing still. Interval training allows your body to go from a high intensity exercise to a low energy one. This is recommended as you allow your heart rate to get used to the intervals. Most athletes practice this type of training. Not only does it build endurance and keeps stamina up but it also avoids muscles from tearing and gradually improves strength.

So the next time you’re on the field or out for a run, train yourself to practice interval exercises.

Brief Period of Breaks

Train your body not to go on long breaks. For example, when you’re doing a drill or a workout, don’t take long breaks in between. Rather, pick up your pace and allot about 30 to 45 seconds for a breather. Allowing yourself brief period of breaks helps in increasing your stamina when you’re finally out there for a big game.

Do Cardiovascular Exercises More

Soccer involves a lot of running so make sure to get plenty of that. Jog or run frequently while at the same time, do interval training. You can practice your breathing skills, test your speed and endurance for when you play soccer.

Avoid being idle or playing games online like BandarQ for now while you’re trying to build up strength. Get that proper exercise and drill trainings you need for a better chance in lasting throughout a soccer game.


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Dawn Malicdem is a graduate of AB Communication Arts in De La Salle University. She is a media enthusiast, journalist and a photographer. She also plays golf during her free time.