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Interactive wallpapers are the wallpapers that are designed to offer the user a better user experience and provide them with interactive backgrounds. You can easily find a ton of interactive wallpapers for your Android device or for your computer. Interactive wallpaper is usually used as a background on the home screen that changes over time.

Many people nowadays use Interactive wallpapers, as it makes their device more interesting. However, finding the best wallpaper can be a difficult task. There are thousands of high wallpapers to choose from. Interactive wallpapers are amazing, and many people are using it ever since their introduction in Android. Earlier, wallpapers were tough to manage as they cause the slowed down the phones. The modern smartphones are able to offer the best performance where live wallpapers do not cause such troubles to the users.

So if you are looking for some fantastic interactive wallpapers, then you can see it here

1.)Cells Live Wallpaper

This is one of the latest app for wallpapers for android devices. With this wallpaper, you can offer a different look to your screen. You can have varying colors on screen with the honeycomb effect. Also, if you touch the screen and move it, the lights on the screen will also follow. You can also change the settings and change the color of the background and the lights when you tap or slide.

2.) aniPet Aquarium

aniPet Aquarium interactive wallpaper is a virtual aquarium. You can set this wallpaper to virtually feed fish in the tank. You can also watch a couple of them fight over by tapping on the top of the screen. Also, if you go for the pro version, then you can select from over 190 different species with up to 30 fish in the tank at one time.

3.) Koi Free Wallpaper

If you are using aniFree’s tanks and it doesn’t satisfy your needs, then you can go for Koi Free wallpapers. This wallpaper has completely interactive screen where you can find a lot of varieties also.


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