Five Common Tactical Mistakes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most popular first-person shooting games on the market in recent years, and with millions of people playing the game on-line, you need to take advantage of the common mistakes made by players while avoiding them yourself. These are pitfalls that can hurt the game of even a very good player. Going through this list can help you fine tune your style and start getting more kills, fewer deaths, and have a better time. Here are the mistakes that so many people make when small adjustments to play style can give your game a nice boost.

  1. Dropping your reticle.

This is one of the easiest things to avoid and you may not even realize that you’ve been doing it. Dropping your reticle means letting your aim drop closer to a potential opponent’s waist when you should be aiming for the upper torso or head. Crouching enemies require only a slight correction and the vast majority are either running or standing. Every character model is the same height, and with even a little attention you can start to correct yourself. Aiming for an enemy’s torso while they are aiming for your head will lose the fight almost every time. A well-placed head shot will use fewer bullets, require fewer reloads, and therefore reduce the chance of getting caught unprepared, bringing us to the next point. The excitement and fun this game brings to players can be compared to situs judi bola resmi because it entails a lot of challenges and amazing features as well.

  1. Reloading needlessly

Timing the reloading of your weapon is one of the most important skills to master and one of the most neglected. Getting caught while reloading by an enemy more than melee distance away is almost certain death. You may often see people reloading in an open doorway or while rushing around a corner. Those people die a needless death. Reloading after just a few shots is rarely necessary and makes you spend more time practically unarmed. Avoiding this mistake means being aware of relative enemy positions, available cover nearby, and how many teammates are around to take fire while you’re swapping magazines. Switching to a secondary weapon is faster than reloading, and reloading a completely empty weapon takes longer than one that has at least one bullet left in it. Sometimes the pressure is on and you have to reload under fire. Keep in mind that sprinting, however briefly, cancels reloading immediately and leaves the weapon in its previous state. A quick tap to sprint followed by aiming will give you access to your weapon with whatever remaining ammunition you had before you started.

  1. Unrealistic kill-streak rewards

Over a short period of playtime you’ll discover about how many kills you typically get in a row without dying, and therefore which kill-streaks you will most often have access to when they’re set. Having a 25-kill-streak tactical nuke may seem like a nice plan but how often are you ever going to have access to it? If you typically get a five to seven streak, plan accordingly with a predator missile or harrier strike and perhaps a higher than normal reward for when things work out well in your favor. With more skill will come higher kill-streaks. Don’t forget that kill-streak rewards will continue to stack kills when used during the same life. Get a five streak and call in a predator for two kills and you can earn a harrier. Call that in without dying and it will get you even more kills towards another reward. For high-end streaks a seven kill helicopter followed by an eleven kill chopper gunner is a good way to access an EMP or the tactical nuke. Both have the potential for a number of kills and you can hide yourself away from danger while they work.

  1. Camping

“Camper” is a common insult in on-line games. It insinuates a lack of skill or fighting dirty, but a great number of people use camping to increase their kill-streak. With a good team to back them up they can succeed, but camping has a major drawback that can be exploited too easily to make it a sound plan. Bullets in Modern Warfare 2 penetrate surfaces. An RPD with full metal jacket tends to ignore the limitation of walls. Being killed by campers on numerous occasions only to take them out with some well-placed shots through a wall or floor, is satisfying. The main drawback for campers, and a big benefit for everyone else, they tend not to move even a little. When you’re killed and re-spawn you know they’re right where you left them, easy to flank and take out.

  1. Reliance on one weapon

This can also mean a reliance on just a few weapons. While not always a problem, depending on which game types you prefer, in general it’s a good idea to become familiar with a wider variety. Not only will this give you more variety in your play and throw off enemies that are used to particular tactics, but clearly all weapons are not suitable for all situations. The RPD is a powerful gun with lots of ammunition, but it’s slow to carry around and on a very large map you’ll take so long getting to the scene of battle that often you’ll find the players have moved on. Also, sniper rifles on small maps are problematic because hitting most targets without looking down the powerful scope is difficult. Learning what to use and when, and having a degree of skill with numerous weapons will make you a far better player than one who focuses entirely on one or two weapons.

Examining your play style and knowing these common mistakes will help you become a better player as you’re more aware of how you move and what to use. Finding good positions without getting pinned down, taking care to reload when it’s safe to do so, and aiming for the most deadly targets are keys to the most effective players. Teamwork is a must, but a team of poor players with flawed style will often lose to a smaller group of efficient and effective players. Make the most of your own game and you’ll make any team you join a better and more powerful group.


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