Everything you need to know about the Dichroic Glass!

Dichroic glass is a kind of multi-layer coating that is placed on the glasses. This glass displays two different colors at the same time according to the lighting conditions. It reflects two different colors because of the micro-layers of metal oxides used in it, which provides glass shifting colors. There are many different types of shapes and designs of Optical dichroic mirror and can be used for different purposes. The Dichroic Glass is also a popular form of glass art and is also widely used in jewelry. The color of the dichroic glass depends on the angle of view.

Applications of Dichroic Glass

  • The Dichroic glass is largely used in architectural applications and construction.
  • The main benefit of the Dichroic glass is that it has great buoyancy to weather and is highly preferred for the building and homes because it has never-fading colors.
  • The Dichroic glass is widely used on walls, in skylights, walkways, and in fountains too.
  • Dichroic glass is used in Satellite mirrors and has many techniques used like Infrared Lazers, Motion Pictures Equipment, and many more.
  • Highly used in jewelry in the form of beads and is a great form of Art.


  • While fixing the Dichroic glass the cuts and burns can happen so keep First Aid kit with you.
  • You must not go barefoot in the work area.
  • You must wear protective glasses while cutting and sawing the dichroic glass.
  • Keep the dangerous things away like cleaners, frit, and kiln wash.

You can use Dichroic glass in jewelry and for many other purposes as it has many different applications which are mentioned above. You need to be aware and follow the precautions to be safe while working with the Dichroic Glass.


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