Digital Marketing V/S Online Marketing

Due to modernization, the need for digital marketing and online marketing is increasing day by day. The majority of business persons rely on online marketing to promote their brand image. It helps to grow their brand image and increase their sales. They know about their customers’ choices and write content according to their needs and requirements. Therefore, מיתוג is away from where the company recognizes their business. With the help of a brand name, the customers get to know more about the company and their working field.

Digital marketing: a modern way to advertise business

The term digital marketing is comprehensive, which includes various marketing processes that help to capture the target audience with the help of digital channels. Digital marketing helps to promote the company’s products and services in a vast area. They help in developing the digital brand image online. With the introduction of digital marketing, the trend of traditional marketing has faded. They moved the direction of the advertisement from newspapers to ads on Facebook and Twitter. They focus more on social platforms, email marketing, and SEO.

Internet marketing: part of digital marketing

The term internet marketing is a small part of digital marketing. It also includes various services like a website, banner advertisement, and social media marketing, and so on. It is also called online marketing as it promotes the business on the internet with the help of various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The trend of internet marketing is increasing day by day because, without the help of internet marketing, no business can gain profits and attract a broad audience.

In a nutshell

The term digital marketing is a broader concept of marketing, whereas internet marketing is a part of digital marketing. Internet marketing includes various marketing tactics and strategies. So the need for digital marketing is becoming a stepping stone towards success.


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Dawn Malicdem is a graduate of AB Communication Arts in De La Salle University. She is a media enthusiast, journalist and a photographer. She also plays golf during her free time.