Wildlife Exploration in Asia and Australia

Wildlife tours are becoming an instant tourist attraction due to once in a lifetime experience on close encounter with animals only found in the wild such as Lion, Tiger, Rhinoceros and many more. Safari vacation on the other hand is becoming a common sight on some national parks and wildlife reserves due to regulations made to at ease to accommodate tourism. Asia and Australia both become the top tourist destination when it comes to wildlife tours. Both have spectacular national parks and wildlife reserves, as well as having unique species that tourist will surely love and get to know more about.  Listed below are some of the recommended safari destinations for Asia and Australia.

If you want to experience being hounded by Monkeys, visit Angkor Wat, Cambodia and there, you’ll find hordes of monkeys preying on tourists back packs. Next would be, swimming with turtles in Apo Island at Philippines. Considered one of the best wildlife adventure is swimming with huge and century old turtles. Another turtle swimming experience will be at Maldives. Featuring crystal blue water, it is perfect to add in your to-do list while you are in Maldives is to swim with giant turtles. If you happen to love bird sightings, check out Wangchuck Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan. There is also Chitwan National Park in Nepal. It is recognized by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites. Experience sightseeing Rhinos and Crocodiles at the place. For cat lovers, Royal Bardia National Park in Nepal features the largest habitat of Bengal Tigers.

For Australia, there are a lot of things that you can do as it also features an amazing list of wildlife and just by visiting All Road s Traveled’s website – https://allroadstraveled.com/fun-facts-about-australia/ , you will be greeted with fun facts that you will surely love Australia.