China Soccer Naturalizing Talented Foreign Players

Is the soccer fan in you keeping up-to-date with all happenings in the football community? Or is it still in a dormant state, idly playing DominoQQ on the computer? In the meanwhile there have been some really interesting developments in the Chinese soccer team. The Chinese Football Association has now decided to naturalize foreign players in its team. This decision has most probably been taken to save the face of China’s waning grace in the game. But looks like not everyone, even the Chinese citizens, are very happy with the decision.

Some naturalizations of foreign players in the Chinese Soccer Team:

  • Brazilian football player Ricardo Goulart who previously participated in the Chinese Football League, will now be a naturalized citizen of China.
  • Brazilian Elkeson too follows suit.
  • London-born midfielder Nico Yennaris, who also has a Chinese connection from his mother, was the first player to be naturalized. He gave up his British citizenship to play for China. Now he is known as Li Ke.
  • Similar to Yennaris, John Hou Saeter, a Norwegian player, also signed up for Chinese naturalization. Now he goes by the name Hou Yongyong.

How has naturalization helped the Chinese Soccer Team?

Recruiting international talents in its team has definitely bore its benefits to the CFA. For example, Goulart has scored more than 100 goals ever since he became a part of the team in 2015. He helped the team win around 8 trophies as well.

Why is naturalization not a welcome decision by many?

Even though naturalizing foreign talents in its team has helped China up its game on the field, not everyone is happy about it. It is seen as a failure of the nation’s soccer program to nurture its own young talents from a population of 1.3 billion. It is also difficult for the countrymen to accept foreigners playing for their country.

This Is Why Skipping Is A Popular For Women Today

Remember those days when you used to play jumping ropes with your friends? You were younger and all you wanted to do is to play under the sun. However, as we get older, we stopped doing physical activities because they are exhausting. We get too consumed by our work our studies. Going out with friends are more difficult because of our busy schedules.

But do you know that these jump ropes that we never really took seriously when we were kids is now a big thing in the world of fitness? Women of all ages can benefit from simple jumping or skipping ropes and here are the reasons why!

  • Good For Toning Your Upper And Lower Body

Having a toned upper and lower body is the dream of all women. If you’re planning on going to the beach and wearing your sexiest bikinis, it’s a great idea to start skipping ropes now. Doing 30 minutes of skipping everyday can actually help you 300 calories daily.

  • Good For The Heart

Your priority should always be your health. Skipping can help you get a fit body while having a healthy heart which is why you should really try it. This is a cardio exercise that allows the blood and the oxygen in your body to circulate better therefore keeping the systems in your body in a great condition.

  • Improves Your Skin

Of course as women, we feel more confident when we have healthy and glowing skin. But do you know that aside from beauty products, regular workouts or as simple as skipping rope everyday can help you get that glow that you are looking for? This is due to the nutrients that exercising brings to your skin. On the other hand, toxins are also flushed out when your body sweats.

Now that you know the benefits of skipping, don’t let your body miss out on these great advantages. Maximize your time by using togel online. You can now work, play, and exercise without worrying too much.

The Good And The Bad Of Esports Gaming

Ever since eSports video games have made an appearance, people have been pulled in by their amazing features. These games are of various kinds and have something for every gamer. And even though eSports has taken inspiration from sports itself, yet these are widely different from one another. Sports have been present in our history since time immemorial and have been enjoyed ever since. However, the rise of eSports begs the question of how advantageous or disadvantageous it is. The post below sheds some light.

Advantages of eSports:

  • Social life: People suffer from the misconception that anyone who is heavily into eSports is anti-social. But that really could not be further from the truth. Modern gaming systems allow you to connect with friends online and play games with them. Multiplayer games have become a huge trend of late. You can be in constant touch with your friends through the multiplayer eSports tournaments. X3E is a top eSports tournament platform. Go to to know more about it.
  • No serious harm: When you are involved in a game physically you will always run the risk of hurting yourself, sometimes even fatally. Most games be it football, cricket, basketball or even swimming can result in you harming yourself. Broken bones, concussions, torn ligaments, sprains are common occurrences in sports games. With eSports you can be rest assured of no such serious harm.
  • Increased activeness: Gamers are often pegged as couch potatoes and while that might ring true for some instances, it is not 100% accurate. Modern games now include motion sensors that need you to be in motion to play the game.

Disadvantages of eSports:

  • Possibility of hardware failure– A stable internet connection is fundamental to seamless eSports experience. But internet connections are not immune to disruptions and if that happens, the entire gaming session will come to a standstill.