What To Look For In A Daycare Software

Daycares nowadays use computer software for early childhood development. This tracks down their progress in a clean and formal way. It is then presented to parents so they can check their kids’ development while they’re away from them and how much growth they’ve accomplished, or lack thereof. It’s a great tool and one that has been used widely.

But not every software can fill all parent-teacher needs. Below is a guide in what to look for in every childhood daycare software:


A good childhood management software should have enough monitoring features to track your kid’s progress. Features such as parent and teacher data tracking wherein their grades and attendance are tallied and in order should be included. Notes from the teachers should also be summarized for easy reading by parents.

Aside from that, monitoring your child in real time via webcam is also a plus. Most child management software includes this feature in their programs but others may still not have it. Make sure to look for this feature when you inquire for a daycare management software.


Your child’s data whether progressive or not, must be kept between you and the teacher only. No other parent should have access to this. An ideal daycare management software should have a feature that secures your child’s data, as well as have it backed up on the cloud in case of emergencies.

Available on Mobile

Parents are always busy be it with work or in the household. It’s great if they can monitor their child on their PC. But what if they have to go to the grocery or they’re stuck in traffic? A good daycare management software should also be available on mobile. All they have to do is download the app in their respective Android or iOS phones and they’ll have all the data they need as if they never left their PC. It’s a convenient way of keeping tabs on their kids.

The next time parents and teachers look for a great daycare management software for their child, check and see if any of these features are available before buying one.