Are you facing trouble in replacing the retired battery of your iphone? Continue reading to find out the easy way!

There are times when you need to wave goodbye to the old battery of your phone and welcome a new one! First of all, you need to know when your phone is eligible for a new battery then you can find a place where to replace iphone battery. To know about the battery status, you can go to setting and then the battery and check:

  • If the maximum capacity is a lot low then 80%
  • If the normal peal performance of the battery is not so normal
  • If the battery drains a lot faster than the usual
  • If your phone switches off without any notice

If the answer to all those ifs is yes, then yes, your phone deserves a new battery!

Now to get a new battery without trouble, go to the relevant apple store. It would be better to go to the one where you bought the phone. Plus, if you take the bill along with you that states that your phone is still under the guarantee period, you won’t be charged at all for replacing your battery. Otherwise, if your phone is out of the guarantee period, you will need to pay an amount according to the model of your phone.

Some tips to protect your phone’s battery from stress can be simple like:

Keep the brightness of the phone low! You can give the control to adjust the brightness to your phone as well. Next, don’t use the phone when it’s heated or the battery is low than 20%. Minimize the use in such situations. Give proper time to phone’s battery to recharge and use a slower charger. Yes, you have to do this to keep your phone’s battery healthy and prevent it from abruptly shutting shutdown.