Best Viral Marketing Videos on YouTube

Looking for the best viral marketing tools? The marketing icon, Seth Godin, sets the ground rules for viral marketing success in these three YouTube videos that have all gone viral in the marketing community with more than 50,000 views each.

Godin is the founder of Squidoo and author of ten bestselling books on marketing. Godin’s marketing blog is a mainstay on top blog lists. According to Amazon, Godin’s tome, “Unleashing the Idea Virus,” is the world’s bestselling ebook. For buying real youtube views and to make your video viral you can click on the link. This is an easy way of improving your video‚Äôs ranking and popularity on youtube. You even get money as your videos get more and more views.

Best Viral Marketing Video #1
Seth Godin: Sliced Bread And Other Marketing Delights
YouTube posted by TEDtalksDirector
Views: More than 182,000 to date

Godin turns the notion of great products that sell themselves upside down pointing out that sliced bread didn’t really make any headway in the collective mind for 15 years after it was first invented. According to Godin, it took Wonder Bread to come along and spread the idea of sliced bread to make it ubiquitous.

Using his examples of “purple cows” and “blue boxes,” Godin drives home his message that “ideas that spread, win.” Godin packs this 18-minute presentation with marketing strategies, humor, and insight. “Consumers don’t care about you at all,” Godin says. He goes on to say that ignoring new products is the easiest option consumers have today.

stately urges marketers to “be remarkable” in order to reach out to the small group of consumers that will care enough to spread the word.

Best Viral Marketing Video #2
All Marketers Are Liars – Seth Godin Speaks At Google
YouTube posted by Google
Views: More than 80,000 to date

Godin reveals some of the viral marketing successes behind Google’s meteoric rise to ubiquity including its domination of permission marketing. According to Godin, the marketing challenge today is “finding products for your customers” rather than “customers for your products.”

The most critical element for viral marketing success, according to Godin, is having a product with a story worth telling. He reminds marketers that “no one cares about you.” Having permission “lets you tell your story.” If your story is good, people will tell it and sell it for you.

Best Viral Marketing Video #3
The Mindset Of A Winner
YouTube posted by SellingPower
Views: More than 57,000 to date

In this one-on-one interview, Godin talks frankly about how to avoid mediocrity. “Mediocrity is for losers,” Godin says. “The big win is when you refuse to settle for mediocrity,” Godin stresses that marketers need to focus not on the numbers and stats but on the conversations taking place. “The only way to win is to be talked about,” Godin says.

Want more of Seth Godin’s marketing advice? Check out his blog or Squidoo lens where you can get a summary of his marketing philosophy and download his free ebooks and articles. Check out all of his titles at the Seth Godin page on Amazon.



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