3 Things That Your Driving Instructor Would Not Always Tell You

You might have learned to how to drive from the best and the most reputed driving school and from a perfectly qualified instructor but there are a few things they would not tell you in a driving school or would probably forget to. These things are as important as the ones you have learnt and make your skills better and probably save you from future injuries. A few of them have been listed here for better and safe driving.

  1. The posture

There should be a proper gap between you and your seat. Your knees should be slightly bent and your arms too. Keeping them straight increase the chances of getting hurt easily. Also, you should be sitting at a 100-degree angle from the steering wheel. Always adjust your seat in proper ways. All of these tips would save your back from hurting and would always keep your posture maintained.

  1. Check the break pipes

The breaks are a really important part of driving and if the break pipes are broken, it might affect the efficiency of your driving and also, the fluids leaked from these pipes affect the wheels and the smooth functioning of your car. Also make sure that your breaks are always greased properly.

  1. The seat belt

Always make sure that the seat belt’s upper belt is crossing your entire upper body diagonally and is not just covering your arm and shoulder and the lower one is over your hips and not your belly. This ensures that your seat belt will definitely prevent you from getting hurt in the case of an accident

These tips are really important and it would be great if you keep them in mind while driving.

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