Best Viral Marketing Videos on YouTube

Looking for the best viral marketing tools? The marketing icon, Seth Godin, sets the ground rules for viral marketing success in these three YouTube videos that have all gone viral in the marketing community with more than 50,000 views each.

Godin is the founder of Squidoo and author of ten bestselling books on marketing. Godin’s marketing blog is a mainstay on top blog lists. According to Amazon, Godin’s tome, “Unleashing the Idea Virus,” is the world’s bestselling ebook. For buying real youtube views and to make your video viral you can click on the link. This is an easy way of improving your video’s ranking and popularity on youtube. You even get money as your videos get more and more views.

Best Viral Marketing Video #1
Seth Godin: Sliced Bread And Other Marketing Delights
YouTube posted by TEDtalksDirector
Views: More than 182,000 to date

Godin turns the notion of great products that sell themselves upside down pointing out that sliced bread didn’t really make any headway in the collective mind for 15 years after it was first invented. According to Godin, it took Wonder Bread to come along and spread the idea of sliced bread to make it ubiquitous.

Using his examples of “purple cows” and “blue boxes,” Godin drives home his message that “ideas that spread, win.” Godin packs this 18-minute presentation with marketing strategies, humor, and insight. “Consumers don’t care about you at all,” Godin says. He goes on to say that ignoring new products is the easiest option consumers have today.

stately urges marketers to “be remarkable” in order to reach out to the small group of consumers that will care enough to spread the word.

Best Viral Marketing Video #2
All Marketers Are Liars – Seth Godin Speaks At Google
YouTube posted by Google
Views: More than 80,000 to date

Godin reveals some of the viral marketing successes behind Google’s meteoric rise to ubiquity including its domination of permission marketing. According to Godin, the marketing challenge today is “finding products for your customers” rather than “customers for your products.”

The most critical element for viral marketing success, according to Godin, is having a product with a story worth telling. He reminds marketers that “no one cares about you.” Having permission “lets you tell your story.” If your story is good, people will tell it and sell it for you.

Best Viral Marketing Video #3
The Mindset Of A Winner
YouTube posted by SellingPower
Views: More than 57,000 to date

In this one-on-one interview, Godin talks frankly about how to avoid mediocrity. “Mediocrity is for losers,” Godin says. “The big win is when you refuse to settle for mediocrity,” Godin stresses that marketers need to focus not on the numbers and stats but on the conversations taking place. “The only way to win is to be talked about,” Godin says.

Want more of Seth Godin’s marketing advice? Check out his blog or Squidoo lens where you can get a summary of his marketing philosophy and download his free ebooks and articles. Check out all of his titles at the Seth Godin page on Amazon.


How To Introduce And Teach The Game Of Poker To Clueless Friends

The popularity of poker continues to rise. Recent legislation in the United States though made online play for money a thing of the past. As a result of this legislation, many people are interested in hosting home games for their friends, but not sure where to start. Many people that have friends who are serious about the game have little trouble starting a home game. Yet, starting a home game for friends that like the game and want to play, but are not serious players can be harder than you think. You should check out bandar ceme online if you want to learn about poker. It is really important that before to start your online poker career, you know all about the game. You can easily master the game of poker with a little online practice.


One of the first things you should do is set reasonable limits. If this is a social game, the whole idea of the game isn’t to win a lot of money, but to have fun with your friends while playing poker. I have found that sometimes it’s a good idea to set two types of limits. One involves the amount of money people bring. If everyone brings the same amount it will eliminate the problem some games have where people with more money than their friends try to “bully the table”, or bet big to drive out their opponents while knowing if they lose the hand they still have plenty of money to buy more chips. In a truly social game my suggestion would be limiting the amount to $20-40 per person for the night. Also I suggest making a limit for the highest bet in each better round, in games I’ve attended I’ve found a $2-3 limit is a good guideline.


The next item to consider is the type of games you will play. Some might assume that the game should be kept as simple and straight forward with just a couple varieties for new poker groups. I’ve actually found that isn’t necessarily true. In a social game people tend to enjoy games with different ways to have wild cards, and learning new games from their opponents. Keeping just enough luck in the game makes the game less serious and more social. Another piece of advice is to build off the games that you play and create your own home versions. One final suggestion as far as the type of game goes, is to have frequent split pot games. This keeps more people in the hand. In a social game it’s never fun to have to fold over and over again, with split pot games you have a higher likelihood of having a chance of at least half the pot.


Finally, keep the atmosphere of the game light. If this is truly a group of friends that enjoy playing poker and just want a social outlet to play and enjoy each other’s company the last thing you want to do is have the game become cut throat. Take a break in the middle of the evening to order food. Or maybe even to add to the social experience have everyone bring a six pack of their favorite beer and then give each of the other players one beer from their six pack. This way everyone ends up trying six different types of beers. To help with the social feeling of the group, if you notice one or two players are low on funds quickly during the evening, don’t be too quick to raise the betting. Don’t put them in a position where they might be forced out of the game early in the evening. Remember, first and foremost it’s a social activity with your friends, the poker game is just the canvas for the evening.


Poker can be a great way to get your friends together and socialize. Many times with my group of friends the card game becomes secondary and the conversations and comraderie among the group is more important. If you wish to have a night with more serious play, make that decision ahead of time and let everyone know so they can decide if they want to play in that type of game. Otherwise, keep it light and social and you will find you will have no problem forming a regular social game for your group of friends.

Make Your Own Diy Shoulder Bag Or Haversack

Haversacks were used by soldiers in Civil War times for carrying their daily supplies. They acted as mess kits and also as large “purses” for the soldier. A haversack was usually worn over the shoulder by a long strap and had a large flap over the top with a buckle to keep it fastened. Usually it was made out of cotton or linen and had been waterproofed in some fashion. A soldier could carry about three days worth of rations in one. The original haversacks from Civil War times are now collectible items and can be quite valuable. For great read about knock off handbags you can click here. You get this range of affordable designer bags that you can choose from. These bags are really affordable as well.

You can make your own haversack quite easily and cheaply for use on hiking, hunting, or camping trips. The simplest way is to get a pair of extra-large men’s pants from a used clothing store – the really baggy kind that are so much in style today would be perfect. Make sure the pants are made of denim or some other type of heavy material. To gauge just how large your haversack should be, the original ones were typically about 13 inches wide and 11 inches deep. Because we are going to need a flap for the top, we will cut ours a little longer.

First, cut one of the pant legs off about 20 inches from the bottom. Then turn it inside out and sew across the unhemmed end so that it is securely closed. Now cut strips for a strap from the other leftover pant leg. Make sure the strips are long enough so that they will stretch from your hip to your opposite shoulder (the strap can be anywhere from 40 to 48 inches long, whatever is most comfortable for you). Sew the strips together and hem them. Then turn the pant leg right-side out. Attach the strap to the haversack by sewing each end about eight or nine inches from the top near the seams on each side. The extra pant leg length on top of the haversack will make it naturally hang closed as a flap when it is worn, so you really don’t need any buttons or buckles as fasteners, but of course you can attach them if you wish.

You can now decorate your haversack by adding beads, painting designs on the sides, adding a few pockets (maybe include a secret inside pocket), or even sew loops on one side for carrying shotgun shells.

A haversack is handy to take on all sorts of outdoor trips. But before embarking on any major journeys, you may want to pack it with a few useful supplies, such as a compass, a butane lighter, matches kept inside a waterproof container, paper in a waterproof plastic bag, an aluminum cup, a flask of water, writing implements, a small frying pan, a small sewing kit, silverware, packets of instant cocoa or soup, some napkins, small candles, a pocket knife, a small survival or wildlife book, etc.

Carry the haversack over your shoulder at all times while you are hiking or hunting so if you ever get lost you can use the things inside to start a signal fire. You can also boil water in the aluminum cup and enjoy some hot soup or cocoa while you are waiting to be rescued.

Essential Guide for your Kids in Playing Webkinz Online Game

One of my 10 year old daughter’s favorite activities is playing with her Webkinz online game. I have found this game to be an excellent activity for her even though it is obviously a huge marketing gimmick by Ganz, the toy manufacturer and marketer. I have watched my daughter play the game and found it to be very safe, somewhat educational and fun for her. It even let me enjoy Judi online Terpercaya while my daughter plays.

Webkinz is a large online game world designed for children between the ages of 6 and 13. To play Webkinz online, you need to first buy a Webkinz pet. These are available online or at most major retail stores including Walmart, Target and Toys R Us. Though the price varies on the pets, most cost between $13 and $23. The pet itself is plush toy that is usually around 8″ to 10″ in length and they come in various characters from tigers to frogs and everything in between. The main thing about the Webkinz that you purchase is that they come with a code that is attached to the pet. This code is what gives you access to the Webkinz game.

Once you have your Webkinz pet, you go to to set up your account. Click on the new member tab and follow the instruction to set up your account. Remember to record your username and password for further use. The online game is played within your web browser so you do not need to download any software or have expensive video cards in order to play. You do need an internet connection to play. I would not recommend a dial up connection for playing but any type of broadband connection seems to work fine. My daughter has played this game with the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers with no issues.

While the game is not free to play, the purchase of the Webkinz pet gives you a membership and access to play for one year. To renew your membership at the end of the year requires the purchase of another Webkinz pet. One thing to keep in mind is that the membership time is not cumulative with the purchase of multiple pets. If for example, you purchase three Webkinz pets then you will not get a three year membership. Instead you will get a membership that is valid for one year after the date that you entered the most recent pet code.

Actual game play is very safe and secure as most activities are structured and limited and scope. This virtual world is not anything like the world of adult online gaming like World of Warcraft. When speaking to other members, the players are limited to picking questions and phrases from a list of available options. This keeps the children safe from any predatory type questions.

When a purchased Webkinz code is entered for an account, the child will receive a virtual pet that looks like the purchased plush animal. In the game, the child has a house where all of the Webkinz pets for that account live. The child needs to feed and care for the pets in the game.

In the game, Kinzcash is used to purchase game play items. Kinzcash is earned within the game and is not purchased through the use of real world money. There are numerous activities and games that can be played in order to earn the Kinzcash. Many of these games are based on math, art, science, shape recognition and other learning activities. Once the Kinzcash is earned the player can spend it at the W shop on food for their pet, clothing for the pet or improvements to the virtual house.

I found there to be one very unexpected bonus that my daughter learned from the game. While talking to her about her account, I found that she was talking in terms about budgeting and prioritizing spending of her Kinzcash. She had developed a plan of growth for her virtual house that included a food and clothing allowance. Of course she did not phrase it that way but she had all of the elements of a budgeting plan.

Ganz has done a great job marketing this game and it has turned out to be a great success for them. It is very popular with my daughter’s classmates and she is able to play online and interact with them from home. The cost of the actual Webkinz pet is pretty minimal when looked at in comparison to the number of hours of enjoyment that my daughter has got from the game. I would highly recommend this as a fun activity for children with normal parental restraints on time played.

Save Power By Using An Alternative Air Conditioner

In this article I want to talk about an air conditioner alternative. A man named Geoff posted an article on the internet on an invention he created at college. His invention was a AC that used cold water to cool with. His plan includes a large garbage can, a fan, and pipes. He siphoned water from the garbage can. Through the pipes that where attached to a fan. This made the pipes cold. While the fan was pulling air through them.

There have been some upgrades since Geoff published his article. One is a closed circuit system. Its Geoff’s system, but it uses an aquarium pump to circulate the water. And does not dump out any of the water making his system work longer. If you want to get yourself the same air conditioner you can buy all the relevant materials from , you will get a list of other great air conditioners as well, you can look at their features and compare the prices as well.

So now that I stated what my idea is based on. I will explain why I am writing this article. My idea is to take the closed circuit system. And go through an existing freezer unit.

This is the parts that would be needed. A water pump to make the water move around. A tank for the pump and water. This idea needs two temperature exchangers. one exchanger inside the freezer, and another for the fan. And then a fan to move the air around.

One air exchanger would be in the freezer. This is where the water gets cooled down. I had thought about having a copper coil in a container. And the container being full of water that gets frozen in the freezer. If using water, there could be a problem with the line getting frozen shut. I think cooking oil can exchange the heat like the water does. For cooking oil, a pump than can pump the oil would be needed.

Another temperature exchanger would be on a fan. This is where the fan pulls air across the exchanger. Cooling down the air in the place it has been installed in.

The pump would be in a reservoir. Like inside a ice box. This way the ice box can be filled with water. And the pump can operate the way its supposed to.

The way the system would work. Is the pump moves the water through the freezer. Inside the freezer the water is cooled down. This water is then moved through the exchanger attached the fan. The fan pulls the air across the cold exchanger. Taking out energy that is in the air. The water then comes back into the reservoir where the pump is.

If this was successful. I believe it could help us to remove a compressor pump. Because we all use refrigerators anyways. We would just hook up into the existing pump. And hopefully stop the use of a AC pump. This would drop the fuel usage on our power plants. And save people money on their light bills.

Here is a conversion idea for existing AC units. An existing AC can be converted to use ice water. I know that AC units usually have two coils in them. One coil is the hot side. And the other coil is the cold side. My idea is to take the cold coil. And by pass its path. One end would be the water intake. And the other end would be the exit.

The AC pump would have to be detached from its power source. That AC could then be used normally. Except its cold supply is not coming from the compressor. But from a water pump in a reservoir nearby. This would remove the compressor. And replace it with an aquarium pump.

This would be a dangerous conversion to perform. We know that AC units contain a chemical in it. That is both bad for the environment, and your health.

On the AC conversion topic. If the cold supply came from an existing freezer. Existing AC units can be converted to use Geoff’s system. For example, my parents double wide has a central air conditioner in it. The coil that is inside the house would get converted to use the water. This would keep the house with a working central air unit. While removing the power usage of two AC compressor pumps.

A con that I can see with this system. Is the freezer that is used to cool down the water. Would be in more use than normal. That would be because of the water passing through it. How much more usage would the freezer have? I don’t think the new power consumption from the freezer, would compare to how much power a AC compressor pump uses.

I give God the Father and his son Jesus Christ, the glory, praise and honor.

Haven’t Played Video Games In A While? Know How To Restart It.

You thought to take a short leave from gaming and back with the energy you want to set your foot again. It is obvious to feel intimidating at first because games and trends keep changing where some extremely unique games, consoles, slangs are prominent among players. So there is a need to proceed anyhow and take the lead. Let us get a face-off with the gaming consoles and what’s new?

What to do and how to do?

We are discussing how to get back into the video games, remember you have already been there all you have to do is just polish it up.

  • Start with the latest trending games- It might sound a little weird and difficult but you have to do it. The hot trending games always common among teenagers and there might be chances that you will get some of the partners as well. Also, it will give you a forum to discuss it with others and ultimately you can step in with it.
  • Do you remember the last game- it is always the smartest choice to pick up the games about which you were excited earlier because it will help you remember other instances. If you haven’t been in a game for a while these games will also help you get back into the business.

Effortless ways include playing with a friend or reading about the games which sound more intriguing.

How should I get the latest games?

Now you have to give serious concern to the thought because of no matter your will if you are lacking amazing games it will turn your experience into utmost boredom. You can get absolutely adventurous games on any online app store in a few clicks. You can also refer to Worlds Factory to have better options.