Guide On How To Convert FLV To MP4 Using Handbrake Converter

FLV is a very handy format for websites and overall as well but it is not as compatible and size efficient as MP4. Here is a guide on how to convert FLV to MP4 using Handbrake video converter and save the video as an mp4

Step 1: Install the software

The most important step is to install the software Handbrake if you want to use it to convert FLV files to MP4. Once you have installed the software, launch it.

Step 2: Load files

Click on the source menu that you can find on top of the program. You will get list of all the FLV files that you can convert.

Step 3: Choosing the output format

Now that you have selected the input files, next step is to select the output format. Which is in this case MP4.

Step 4: Initiate conversion process

The final process is to initiate the conversion process. To do this, click on the start button and the conversion should start.

These were four simple steps that you can follow to convert a FLV video to MP4 format. Now, here are some reasons why Handbrake is recommended for the job.

  1. It supports VFR and CFR
  2. There are a lot of video filters available.
  3. The quality is constant and Average bitrate encoding is present.
  4. There are chapter markers
  5. You get live Static and Video preview.
  6. You can add subtitles and crop the video.
  7. The application is licensed.
  8. You can choose the profile that is optimized for your device.

Handbrake is one of the best tools available for this task and it is free of cost. It is available for Mac and for Windows. You can use other tools, like Any Video Converter or VLC media player too.

3 Things That Your Driving Instructor Would Not Always Tell You

You might have learned to how to drive from the best and the most reputed driving school and from a perfectly qualified instructor but there are a few things they would not tell you in a driving school or would probably forget to. These things are as important as the ones you have learnt and make your skills better and probably save you from future injuries. A few of them have been listed here for better and safe driving.

  1. The posture

There should be a proper gap between you and your seat. Your knees should be slightly bent and your arms too. Keeping them straight increase the chances of getting hurt easily. Also, you should be sitting at a 100-degree angle from the steering wheel. Always adjust your seat in proper ways. All of these tips would save your back from hurting and would always keep your posture maintained.

  1. Check the break pipes

The breaks are a really important part of driving and if the break pipes are broken, it might affect the efficiency of your driving and also, the fluids leaked from these pipes affect the wheels and the smooth functioning of your car. Also make sure that your breaks are always greased properly.

  1. The seat belt

Always make sure that the seat belt’s upper belt is crossing your entire upper body diagonally and is not just covering your arm and shoulder and the lower one is over your hips and not your belly. This ensures that your seat belt will definitely prevent you from getting hurt in the case of an accident

These tips are really important and it would be great if you keep them in mind while driving.

Also check out Toronto driving school.

Tips In Choosing The Right Dentist

Dentists are medical practitioners who have spent several years training and getting themselves ready for it. It takes a lot of years for someone to actually start practicing in the field of dentistry. Because of this, you can more or less be assured that those who say that they are dentists actually know what they are doing. If you are looking for a dentist, then one site which may definitely help you out on this matter is no other than With that said, how exactly do you pick a dentist to entrust your teeth to? Let’s find out below.

Office Hour Compatibility

If it is difficult for you to get a leave of absence at work or in school to get a consultation, it is best to stick with a dentist who is able to cater to your needs on the weekends. This is a major convenience if they are on your part, simply because you should not be losing out on a lot in terms of your work just for you to have good oral health. If they are available for a consultation during the time you prefer, then choose that dentist.

Ask your Pharmacist, General Practitioner, and Friends

No matter how dental offices would advertise themselves, nothing would ever beat word of mouth in terms of advertisement. If you want to know the best dentists, ask people who either regularly visit one, or those who work closely with one, and it can be any of these three.

ADA Certified

Asking a dentist straightly on this manner might end up being offensive. Because of this, you can check on the website of the American Dental Association if your dentist is an affiliate. In this manner, you can be assured that your dentist is really legitimately practicing.

The Unpopular Opinion On Indiana Football’s Future

College football in the USA

College football is a sub-culture on its own in the USA. College kids, professionals, sports enthusiasts and many others keep their eye on college football games and teams for many reasons. Some even go as far as bet online on college football games through portals such as bandarq. One prominent reason why college football is so important is that it opens up opportunities for careers in professional American football.

One particular college football team everyone has their eye on is the silent heroes of Indiana University football team. And what better time to discuss Indiana football team and its possible future in college football than during Indiana week?

Indiana football’s atrocious football history

At this point, it may not be apparent that Indiana University football will possibly be a powerhouse on the college football field anytime in the near future. If we are to follow their current playing trend, the chances of coming out of the hole they’re currently in is quite bleak.

It was only a few years back when Indiana posted some of the worst winning rates in college football history, winning only 1 game in a season. Last year they fniished 2-7 in the conference. Historical statistics are just against their odds.

Gleam of hope for Indiana football

However, there have been recent changes and events surrounding Indiana football team’s gameplay and matches that may indicate a possible turn around and eventual success in the conference. As of writing, Indiana football team is currently at 5-7 standing and is the 6th best in Big Ten. Coming from a 2-7 conference last season and an embarrassing 1 game-won season a few years back, this is a big leap for the team.

More and more sports analysts have been predicting Indiana football team possibly winning more games in the future, given how unstable future competition is currently looking right now, with Western Kentucky’s Ball State replacement and Cincinnati’s scheduling woes.

They may not come out of the top, but Indiana football has shown some significant improvement and possibly may be on the road to be one of the powerhouse teams in the following seasons.

4 Crucial Ways That Explain Crafting Heals Us

knutselen is a great way to show your creativity, and it helps to heal our minds. Doesn’t matter what craft you are interested in as each has its benefits and if done in repetitive motions will help you to reduce stress and depression. You will feel happy with your creativity and will heal you. It is not easy to learn, and you will feel frustrated sometimes, but if you have an interest, then it can become your passion.

Let us know some of the ways or tips in which it can help us to heal us in a significant way:-

  1. It distracts your mind

Once you are starting paying attention and focus on creating new things, then you’ll not even get time to think of your problems. Crafting distracts your mind in a great way that will reduce your tensions.

  1. Great productivity

Once you are free from all tensions, you can be productive in your thoughts and your creativity. You can be creative in designing your home, making frames, handmade crafts or gifts, and many more creative things.

  1. Builds confidence and self-esteem

If people starting liking your creativity in the form of crafting, they will appreciate and praise you in a manner that will help you to build confidence and self-esteem. Some compliments will melt your heart, and you will be more creative.

  1. Great imagination

If your mind is distracted by problems and other things, then you will have great vision and will produce more. As imagination is blocked if you’re stressed out.

Moving further, crafting is a great way to improve your creativity skills, and it will also help you to heal from stress or depression. You can look at some of the aspects mentioned above that will explain to you how crafting is good.


4 Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Online Gaming

Online gaming has been a great source of entertainment in today’s world. People come back from their work or children after studying play online games to remove their boredom and entertain themselves. It is easy to play online games as they come with instructions, and we can also make new friends online. Some games allow us to play with friends and also socially interact with others while playing games. There are many gambling games also, and to play them you can visit DominoQQ.

There are many reasons why the online gaming platform has gained popularity, let us have a look at some of them:-

  1. Ease of access

You need to have a good internet connection, and that’s it. You can play online games anywhere and anytime by finding the games that you find of your interest and playing them on smartphones or PCs.

  1. Variety of games

People often get confused about what game to play and what to leave as you can find a wide selection of games online. You can play shooting games, race games, and many others.

  1. Affordable

Playing online games is much affordable as you don’t have to pay for these games. Other than this, buying a game can be much expensive, so it is better to play online. Some online games need money for subscriptions, but these are also affordable, and anyone can buy subscriptions.

  1. Social interaction

By playing online games, you can socially interact with other people and make new friends as some games are multiplayer. So to play multiplayer games you can play with existing friends or make new friends online.

Moving further, online games have gained popularity because of the reasons mentioned above, and also, these games are easy to play and install.